Crafting can be both fun and therapeutic; the Butterfly Loom only requires wrapping and knotting to create squares or rectangles that can then be slip stitched or crocheted together to make beautiful blankets, scarves and accessories.  There is no need to keep count of stitches or rows making this an ideal craft for people who find knitting or crocheting difficult to do.

Workshops are now available with a minimum purchase*. Buy one loom from group A and then a second from either group A or B to be entitled to a free workshop at your meeting.

The workshops will be tailored to suit the age and interests of your group, but will include how to –

wrap & knot,                           make a daisy pattern

make pom-poms                      join squares together

Ideally suited for:

Care homes                              Craft clubs

After school clubs                    Rehabilitation centres

Selection needs to be made from the following:

Group 1                Group 2


For further details about the workshops or to order looms, please email or phone 07821 894847.

* minimum purchase of 2 looms, at least 1 loom being from Group A

P&P are additional if item is to be posted, please see price list page

Groups must be between 5 and 10 participants, any more/less can be arranged for an additional charge or by special arrangement

Sorry but geographical restrictions might apply, I will try my best to cover the whole of the UK, but I work alone, so please enquire before placing orders.

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