Another sample square

005I forgot about this one…

Drops Paris Dark Turquoise (10), Orange (13) and Heather (07) 100% cotton

I absolutely love these colours they are so vibrant but the picture does not do them justice.  Soft cotton finish, hard wearing but I am not sure what you could make with it on the Butterfly Loom?  I tried making coasters, putting felt underneath but cotton is so soft it does not hold its shape.

Any ideas anyone?  It would be a shame to not be able to use this, I am thinking of trying it out as a bag of some sort, maybe a shoe bag?

Made on the small loom, 8 rows, main turquoise and orange wrapped together and heather as contrast.

All the looms are available on EBay

Sample squares

Following on from the yarn I bought last week from Wool Warehouse, these are a few squares I have made to check the thickness. They have all been made on the Magic Butterfly Loom, 4 complete rows (8 strands) and give very different results.

Drops Lima white Drops Lima white (1101) and grey blue (6235) 65% wool and 35% Alpaca.

A soft finish but with more body than just Alpaca, I used a piece of thin chenille for the centre of the daisy.

I am going to give this a whirl as a scarf, maybe use cross stitch knots for the  body and then a daisy panel on each end.

Drops Alaska Light grey mix (03)Drops Alaska 100% wool

 This is an Aran weight and is still lovely to touch but is more substantial than the Lima.  This would be great  for a throw for your settee (especially useful at the moment) It is a very sturdy and would take a bit of rough and tumble.

This square is about 20g, the throw I have over my knees at the moment measures 1m x 1.6m – working on that ratio, 5 x 8 squares = 40 squares and I calculate you can get 5 squares out of 2 50g balls, which means you need 16 balls and a contrast to make one throw – this would cost less than £35.

  003Drops Alpaca Boucle Off White (0100) Light Old Pink (3250) 80% Alpaca, 15% wool 5% polymide

Soft, soft, soft – gorgeous to touch, but not my style, I afraid.  The finish is not distinctive enough for me, it  might be that I chose the wrong colours, or maybe it is that boucle is not my thing.   I used the two colours on the right hand square and the white on the left hand, with blue contrast, which used a total of 30g for the two. For me this would be better being knitted with, however I am going to try and make some pompoms on the Medium Butterfly Loom, see how they turn out – might be mega fluffy?

As a positive, this really is  a lovely soft, delicate and I guess warm finish so if boucle is something that appeals to you, this would be super as a summer pram blanket.


All looms are available on EBay

Loop the Loop

Here’s a different way of securing your work instead of using knots.

By looping one way and then the other back and forth, for me is quicker than knotting each intersection.

Look at the attached diagram and follow the direction making a criss-cross knot at the start of each column or row but use a  loop at each intersection rather than a criss-cross knot.

I have made a quick video, take a look at my Facebook page


diagram – I’ve had a new laptop and Windows 8 is driving me barmy!  I cannot, for some reason, scan to a PDF – will upload tomorrow if the laptop is still in one piece!!!


Have a Looming Great Christmas

Looking for stocking fillers that will last past Boxing Day?

The baby and small butterfly looms are great for making scarves and accessories – ideal for keeping away those post Christmas ‘I’m bored!’ moans.

No knitting or crocheting experience needed, by just wrapping and knotting a scarf can be made quickly and easily – and (so you get to enjoy the holiday) needs a minimum of supervision.

The whole Butterfly Loom range is available through EBay, click on the pictures below to visit EBay :

6loomsTN Babyloom LargeLoom magic-loomTN Medloom recloom smloomB

Have a Looming Great Christmas!

First Attempt!

Not 100% happy, but not bad for a first attempt.

I have made a double sided cushion cover using the large loom.  The fluffy side is made using 100g of Snazzy colour Royal SY041 supplied by Texere ( and the back is 100g  Lister Bamboo Navy 774 out of my stash so not sure where this came from and intersected with  paradise chenille in Salmon also by Texere

Now, where did I go wrong: I have a habit when sewing and knitting of working too loose and I think this is what I have done here.  Next time I will pull my knots tighter, then they will lie more evenly.  I also changed what I was making half way through, and back again, I was going the cross knot, then I decided I would try a daisy but realised that I hadn’t left enough rows, so went back to leaving it as just crosses.  This has ended up with it being a bit of a mess on the back and with lots of joins – but I think this proves that it doesn’t matter too much because that is all hidden at the back.  I think also I should have used a thicker knotting yarn – maybe the same as I did the wrapping in.  I have put this round a black cushion so the effect is ok – but not perfect..

But it is very easy to pickup, I had a couple of attempts at first on the small loom to just understand what was what but after a few wraps and knots I feel I have mastered it!  A bit of tweaking, but I think I know where I have gone wrong, so eager to make something else

cushions -1st attempt 001                        cushions -1st attempt 004

Next project is going to be a ‘string’ shopping bag.

Looms for sale in the UK

The looms are all uploaded to EBay and I am just in the process of putting them on Folksy.

I didn’t realise I can’t open an EBay shop until I have 12 months feedback, so for now they are listed individually, but just search for butterfly loom and you should find them.

Here are the links:


Have you looked at the Facebook page of Butterfly Loom Creations a group of loomers, some great pieces created – very inspiring!



They’re Here!

The Butterfly Looms have arrived from Australia!

All priced up and ready to go, generally they will be dispatched via Royal Mail but the large ones will have to go via courier as the RM do not take parcels over 61 cm. I had not really appreciated how large the rectangular and the large ones are; though I knew the measurements and I had seen Carolyn’s video on YouTube I had mentally underestimated their actual size – still makes for quicker results!

I have set up an EBay shop, unfortunately as I am ‘new’ I can only post 10 items until I receive a letter in the post from them. Once I have jumped through a thousand hoops I will have a button on this blog to link straight to my shop.

My price list is attached, if any one wants to place an order here and now without going through EBay send me an email using the contact form on the homepage of this blog with your requirement and I can send you a Paypal invoice, if not here is the links to the 3 I have up at the moment:

Just starting my first project – I will be uploading my creation as soon as it is complete!

butterfly loom price list