Here’s a couple of shopping bags I’ve made; they are supposed to be reminiscent of the string shopper from the 60’s & 70’s.

This one is made using the Magic Butterfly Loom for the body, the Rectangle Butterfly Loom for the handles and Baby Butterfly Loom for the flowers. The wool I used is 4 x 50g of Drops Fabel Blue Sea Print from Wool Warehouse.


Magic Loom Bag                          Baby Loom flowers


I made 8 motifs wrapping 4 rows on the magic. I used the wool from the centre of the ball and the outside together (2 strands) to even out the variegated pattern.
I then made:
2 handles wrapped 6 rows on the rectangle.
2 flowers wrapped 6 rows for the string pull.
1 metre (approx) of i-cord using a lucet.
4 stiffeners for the handles from felt.

I will make up some instructions on how to put this together for a later post.




The second bag I made was using the rectangle Butterfly Loom. The wool I used is 2 x 50g of SMC merino in red/pink (05286) which I bought from a local shop 3 Sheep Wools in Cirencester.

Rectangle Loom bag
I made 7 motifs on the Rectangle Butterfly Loom, wrapping 2 rows.

This was very easy to make up, I simply joined 6 rectangles lengthwise using the Butterfly Twist, joining the last with the first to create a tube. I sealed the bottom using Butterfly Twist and tidied the top edge using the Butterfly Braid technique. I used the Butterfly Twist lengthwise to create the handle and attached to the top of the bag.

As usual my photography skills do not do these justice – the second bag in particular is very lightweight and slightly stretchy, so holds more than you might expect – but make sure you sew the handle on tightly!

Butterfly Looms are available from my website Croft Looms

Large Looms back in stock!

A quick note to say the large looms are back in stock – they can be purchased from EBay

Large Looms on EBay

And a quick photo to show what you can make with a large, a rectangle and a small loom.

Bags 002

Bags 003

Bags 004

I used one large back and one large for the front I then had a rectangle for each side, the bottom and the two tops. I used a further rectangle to make the handle and one either side at the top to build up the height. I attached the handle at the sides so it almost made the handle a continuation of the side and gave a nice rounded shape.

Now this example is not perfect! I like the overall shape but there is an issue with it; I have used a chenille yarn and the end result has turned out very heavy – not ideal for a shopping bag! I am going to give it another go, I think my next one will be one I am happy with and then I will do some detailed instructions if anyone is interested. In the meantime here is the layout if anyone wants to have a go.
Bag layout

They’re on their way!

Slight delay but the Butterfly Looms are on their way… should be with me next week and they will be up for sale as soon as.

I have updated my ravelry account – nothing much on in so far so search for Carolyn’s page she has lots of throws and the patterns are on her website

I will be creating my own patterns including shopping bags and tablet cases and hopefully some nice Christmassy things.

Bag lady

Some girls like shoes, me handbags. Not a fanatic, I don’t own loads and I don’t have one that cost more than £50, but I do like a nice bag.

I have ordered some undyed yarn from Texere Yarn today and my first project when I get the looms is to create a pattern for a groovy 1960’s style macrame shopping bag, but of course created on the Butterfly Loom.

What will your first project be?