Fabric Daisy

I visited Avon Stitchers, a group of enthusiastic crafters in Bradford Upon Avon, this week.    As the name suggests, they are mainly into embroidery and sewing, so I thought I would try and use fabric on the Butterfly Loom.


I took apart an old blouse and cut the sleeves into about 1″ wide strips.

I knotted the strips together and wrapped around my Small Butterfly Loom – I then unwrapped as I realised the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric would be uppermost when I removed it from the loom.

So, starting again, I wrapped the loom making sure the front of the fabric was face down on my board.  I wrapped two rows then used embroidery thread to do the knotting, which I did in a daisy pattern.

Rummaging around in my box of bits & pieces I had small (11″) cushion and, rather conveniently, a piece of navy felt which almost exactly matches the flowers on my fabric.

I attached the daisy to the felt by simply sewing the 4 corners of the knotting (leaving the loops free) and then made an envelope style back for the cushion and sewed it all together.

Rather pleased with the outcome!

If you want your fabric to be neater, cut it slightly wider (and more precisely) and use a bias binding maker to tuck the edges away.


Looms are available from my website Butterfly Loom and looms, bias binding makers & other craft supplies are available from my new website Craft Easy

Daisy Cross-Body Bag

Whenever I go to shows there are always 2 things more than anything that people want to make, one is the pom pom cushion and the other is the Troon Shopper. The shopper is so quick and easy to make that I have made a number of versions in different yarn.

A friend gave me a cross-body bag that fell apart, so I salvaged the strap and decided to turn the shopper into a cross body… and I am very pleased with the result!
Daisy cross body bag



Materials –

Magic size Butterfly Loom

Prym pom pom maker set

Prym braiding star

10mm crochet hook

The yarn I used

300g New Lanark Chunky in Ecru

50g New Lanark Aran in Sandstone

I also used

Bag strap, mine was recycled, look in the local charity shops for a bag you can deconstruct.  Fabric for the lining.

Follow the instructions for wrapping & knotting in the instruction book, following the daisy pattern below.

Wrapping 4 rows make 8 squares

To see instruction for the various techniques visit the butterfly Loom

Using the Double Butterfly Twist technique join 4 squares together, repeat with the other 4 squares to make a back and a front. Damp press the squares for a neater finish.

It is quite stiff to twist the central ones, if it is a problem, twist them alternately, it will stay in place, you want it to look neat as this is the centre of your bag.

Using the Butterfly Twist technique join the sides and bottom together. When you get back to the top Butterfly Braid the top of the bag to give it a neat finish.

Follow the finish instructions to end your work.



I used an old pillow case, you might want to use something prettier. Once you have made your lining turn your bag inside out and using a normal sewing needle and thread attach the lining, I went from knot to knot.

If you use a pillow case and want the pattern on the inside and to show through your daisy pattern:

Measure the width of your bag and cut the pillow case to fit, leave the length.

With right side together sew the side up but leave a gap of about 3 inches from the end. Pull the case inside out to bring the right side to the outside. Fold one half inside the other to make a bowl shape. You are now ready to press the top and use this as the lining.

Finishing touches

To attach the handle, I simply used a length of yarn and my darning needle to sew it to two corners of the bag, wrapping around one or two of the loops made on the Butterfly LoomIMG_0162






I then made an i-cord and a few pompoms to finish off – the i-cord was made using the braiding star and the pom poms are size 5.5 and 4.5 cm


The Magic Butterfly Loom is available in the online shop








Some Mothers do ‘ave ’em

Don Street Consiborough circa 1928​                and she didn’t half ‘ave ’em!
This is my mum as a little girl with her pal whose name I think was Sue Mee, taken in one of their gardens in Don Street Conisborough, they must be about 5 years old?
Mum & Dad met in Egypt, both were serving in the RAF stationed at El Gedida.  She was confined to camp because she had had her handbag stolen, so had gone to watch a film with a friend.  As they walked back to their tent (the women slept in huge communal tents) they found Dad drunk in the gutter!  The picked him up and took him to his billet.  The next morning one of his pals told him mum had rescued him – and the rest is history.
St Michaels & All Angels Heliopolis 22nd Dec 1945
 After the war they came back home and settled in Dad’s hometown Lichfield.
Mum & Dad had 8 children and the door was always open to all of our friends.  As grandchildren came along they were both busy, baby sitting, jam making, baking and cooking meals for the freezer for anyone who needed them.  And oh boy, could my mum knit!
They still had time for a few small sherries – those titchy glasses are fooling no-one!
They revelled in family life, hard at times; we were not the most orderly family and we have had our fair share of scrapes over the years, but nothing serious.
It is hard to think of mum without dad, indeed when he died in 2010 she had a stroke in the same year and never fully recovered, dying herself in 2012, 4 months before her 90th birthday.
So again this Mother’s Day I will have a small sherry and not be thankful for my mum but for my mum and Dad, and remember this wonderful couple who worked tirelessly for their family.
To celebrate Mother’s Day get free P&P on all orders placed via the Butterfly Loom website in March 2018 –    sorry UK customers only!

Craft project bag

Another really quick make – using the Magic size Butterfly Loom, make two squares using the daisy pattern technique, join them using the butterfly twist and add a lining – can’t say simpler than that!

To finish off I made some i-cord using a braiding star and added flowers to each end using the Baby Butterfly Loom


Magic loom Craft bag
Daisy pattern

Each bag takes less than 100g of Aran or Chunky weight


Magic Butterfly Loom Craft Project Bg
or pom pom your bag






Butterfly Looms are available at the online shop







Amber Dickie

Amber Dickie

This is soooo easy to make!

If you need to practice your crochet, this is the place to start.

Using Home Farm Wensleydales’ Big Wool in Amber I made 3 squares using the Medium Butterfly Loom, wrapping 3 rows and making a daisy pattern in the centre of each square.

I then crocheted around each square as follows:

Row 1

Starting in one corner crochet 7 doubles into the corner loop.  Then crochet a double into each loop to the next corner.  In the corner repeat 7 doubles.  Continue all the way around.

Row 2

Crochet doubles into each gap

Slip stitch the 3 squares together and then do a crochet row of chain all the way around.

To keep it snug around your neck you can use a shawl pin, or if you have an old tin full of buttons which you have inherited from your Mum, search through and find an appropriate button, I found a lovely big brown one which finishes it off perfectly.  I attached mine to one corner and then use the loop in the opposite top corner as the buttonhole.

Rather annoyingly, mine took 110g.  This is rather chunky so to make it within 100g I think you could wrap 2 rows instead of 3 or 1 row of crochet instead of 2.  I am going to make another one trying to keep within 100g – so watch this space!










Pom Pom Christmas Wreath



The building where my workshop is decided to have a door decorating competition, so  this is my effort!

I have just taken delivery of Prym Pom Pom Making kits, so I thought this would be the ideal time to try them out.  The colours are not too good on my camera, but it is various shades of red, green and white with a few baubles from the tree and some gold bells to give it a bit of sparkle and I think it looks pretty good!

Dublin & Nottingham – all in one day

Butterfly Loom will be attending 2 events in the weekend of 11th November.

Liz and Pippy of Butterfly Loom Ireland will be at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Simmondscourt in the RDS Dublin.  The show starts on Thursday 9th and runs through to Sunday 12th.  They will be joined by Sue Cotten of Learning Curve who is doing 2 workshops one Thursday and one Sunday – visit them and see how easy it is to make beautiful projects by wrapping & knotting!

I will be at Nottingham Yarn Expo at the Nottingham Conference Centre which is held over Saturday & Sunday.  I will have lots of items on show and I will demonstrate how to make pom poms and daisy patterns and using crochet to join your squares together.

The Knitting & Stitching Shows are always popular and they are expecting a great turnout as usual, the Notts Yarn Expo is on its maiden voyage, but it has been very well received and looks like it will become an annual favourite!


Knitting & stitching                               Notts yarn logo



Ignore the mistakes and this is perfect…

After many false starts I signed up for  weekly crochet lessons at the local college.  5 weeks later, not an expert, but I can do the basics.

So I decided to test my ‘skills’ with a small baby blanket.  I used Deramores studio DK in Frost for my main colour and then Mustard, Indigo, Topaz and Blush for the contrasts.

Studio dk.png
Deramores Studio DK

I used the Medium Butterfly Loom and wrapped 6 rows in the Frost.

  1. Knot the outer intersections only
  2. Gather the inner sections into the middle to form a daisy
  3. Pass your needle diagonally under all of the threads and out the other side, at the  front pass the needle through the loop and pull the centre into place.
  4. Repeat for opposite diagonal
  5. Pass your needle under one of the petals and out the other side
  6. On the front pass the needle through the loop and pull the knot down towards the centre
  7. repeat for all of the petals and secure off.


I then used a series of treble and double crochet stitches in the contrasting colour.


Row 1

Starting in one corner, 3 tbl into the loop then  2 ch, *3 tbl into the loop then  2 ch* until you get to the next corner.

In each corner 3 tbl, 1 ch, 3 tbl, then 2 ch, *3 tbl into the loop then  2 ch* until you get to the next corner.

When you reach the corner you started, 3 tbl, 1 ch and slip stitch to join the beginning

The 2 chain are in the gaps and the 3 treble are around the loop


Row 2

3 ch to start, in corner, 2 tbl  then tbl into each gap, I do not know how to describe this in the proper jargon, but basically I trebled into each gap and when I got to the corner I did 3 tbl, 1 ch, 3 tbl to form the corner – I am happy for someone to give me the right terminology!

Row 3 & 4

Double crochet into each gap


So where did I go wrong??

On the blush (pink) I did a white row 1 and all the others I did a coloured row 1

On the mustard one of the corners has come a little unravelled, I think I did not secure my starting end

I thought I had 6 colours (to make 6 squares) but then realised I had only 4 so I made the multi-coloured ones in the middle, which I’m not sure I like

The pink one is smaller than the others, one less row, also on the pink I did not start/finish on a corner so it has a bit of a bulge where it is ended

I should have done more in the white and followed the same treble sequence to give a deeper border.


Other than that, I think this is pretty good for a first attempt at crocheting.  The great thing is, it only took me 3 days to do, which I think is really quick (you might not?!) so it is really great to improve your crocheting with, the main part is done on the Butterfly Loom and you only have to do a few rounds and then join them together – I joined mine with double crochet.


The Butterfly Loom is available in 6 sizes and using the larger looms you can have a blanket made in no time at all!


Visit Butterfly Loom to see the full range, watch tutorials and follow our patterns.


New Elizabethan Ruff

New Elizabethan Ruff

A really easy pattern to create a soft warm neck warmer!

Christmas presents galore -this only takes a couple of hours to make and costs next to nothing.

Cream Ruff 1


Loom     – Rectangle Butterfly Loom

Materials – 50g Sirdar Ophelia, the cream is Milly and the Grey is Kitty, I bought mine from Deramores and cost £2.99 each.

3 buttons, size of a 20p piece minimum


Wrap the rectangle loom 6 times, following the instructions in your booklet

Use the ladder knotting technique following the diagram below and create 4 daisy patterns – to see a video of how to do the daisy pattern click here

Rectangle loom ruff diagram

Use the ButterflyBraid technique on the 3 central loops of one of the short ends to create an edging.

Attach 3 buttons to correspond with the 3 loops on the other short edge.  The buttons do not need to be the size of the loop, you just need to be able to ‘catch’ the loop to keep it snug around your neck.

That’s all there is to it!

Cream Ruff 2  Grey Ruff 1    Grey ruff 2


All looms are available from my website Croft Looms