Amber Dickie

Amber Dickie

This is soooo easy to make!

If you need to practice your crochet, this is the place to start.

Using Home Farm Wensleydales’ Big Wool in Amber I made 3 squares using the Medium Butterfly Loom, wrapping 3 rows and making a daisy pattern in the centre of each square.

I then crocheted around each square as follows:

Row 1

Starting in one corner crochet 7 doubles into the corner loop.  Then crochet a double into each loop to the next corner.  In the corner repeat 7 doubles.  Continue all the way around.

Row 2

Crochet doubles into each gap

Slip stitch the 3 squares together and then do a crochet row of chain all the way around.

To keep it snug around your neck you can use a shawl pin, or if you have an old tin full of buttons which you have inherited from your Mum, search through and find an appropriate button, I found a lovely big brown one which finishes it off perfectly.  I attached mine to one corner and then use the loop in the opposite top corner as the buttonhole.

Rather annoyingly, mine took 110g.  This is rather chunky so to make it within 100g I think you could wrap 2 rows instead of 3 or 1 row of crochet instead of 2.  I am going to make another one trying to keep within 100g – so watch this space!










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