Large Looms back in stock!

A quick note to say the large looms are back in stock – they can be purchased from EBay

Large Looms on EBay

And a quick photo to show what you can make with a large, a rectangle and a small loom.

Bags 002

Bags 003

Bags 004

I used one large back and one large for the front I then had a rectangle for each side, the bottom and the two tops. I used a further rectangle to make the handle and one either side at the top to build up the height. I attached the handle at the sides so it almost made the handle a continuation of the side and gave a nice rounded shape.

Now this example is not perfect! I like the overall shape but there is an issue with it; I have used a chenille yarn and the end result has turned out very heavy – not ideal for a shopping bag! I am going to give it another go, I think my next one will be one I am happy with and then I will do some detailed instructions if anyone is interested. In the meantime here is the layout if anyone wants to have a go.
Bag layout

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